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Design Trends

Design Trends

10 Tips for Getting a Dining Room Rug Just Right

Is the rug you’re eyeing the right size, shape and weave for your dining room? Here’s what to keep in mind.



Decorating Master Class: 10 Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Didn’t get your decor right the first time around? No problem — you can turn your styling errors into successes.



9 Feng Shui Design Moves for Your Bedroom

A practitioner offers her tips to help get a better night’s sleep and invite in romance.



How to Refresh Your Kitchen on Any Budget

With the right ingredients you can make this key room more stylish and functional, whether you spend $100 or $10,000.



Dreaming in Color: 5 Fab Not-Beige Bedroom Neutrals

Go soothing without slipping into yawn territory, with purples, blue-grays and more on bedroom walls.



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