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Do You Want Your Listings to Sell Fast?

Do You Want Your Listings to Sell Fast?



Home Staging is a Powerful Marketing Tool!

Professionally staging a listing allows the maximum number of buyers to envision themselves living in that space. Home staging also helps to sell the listing for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time possible.

Good Home Stagers don’t try to appeal to everybody. They use lifestyle selling for the particular demographic/psychographic of target buyers.

Home staging:

  • Increases a home’s curb appeal, and establishes its “move-in” condition.
  • Looks better in photographs, and helps a listing to stand out from the competition.
  • Broadens its market appeal.

Smart real estate agents realize that professional staging:

  • Differentiates their seller’s house,
  • Creates a strong online presentation, and
  • Guides buyers to the house.

More than 90% of buyers search online first before they decide to visit a given house. Make sure your listing is one they want to come see in person!


Why You Should Stage Your Listings

Research shows that staged homes often sell for considerably more money in substantially less time than non-staged homes. In addition:

  • Staged homes are recognized as properties that are ready to sell and are more likely to be shown.
  • The investment in staging your listing is bound to be far less than your first price reduction.
  • Prospective buyers will make a decision on your listing within the first few minutes of walking through the front door. Staging creates a series of good first impressions that will make potential buyers linger and want to move in, not on!
  • Both homebuyers and property inspectors view staged homes as having been well maintained and taken care of by their owners.
  • There are tax advantages (deductions) for direct expenses in preparing a house for sale (be sure to have your client consult with their professional tax advisor.)

95% of buyers buy on emotion. You want to make it “love at first sight”.


The 3 Most Important Factors in Creating Web Appeal

  • Pricing,
  • Home Staging; and
  • Quality Photography


Successful Marketing to Home Buyers

Home staging and professional photography are very powerful Marketing Tools!

Home staging and quality photography will help create:

  • Web appeal for your listings;
  • Immediate buyer interest in your listings; and
  • Several “emotional connection points” throughout your listings!


When a prospective homebuyer walks into your listing, they will say:


“Wow! If I buy this house, I can live like this!”


“This is it! This is the one!”


Your listing’s online web appeal will be what compels today’s homebuyers to schedule personal showings – and to make offers!


Special Offer for Real Estate Agents

For new customers of Scena Home Staging and Decora Photography: See how home staging and quality photography can make a big first impression on homebuyers.

Contact us today, and your client will get 50% off a pre-listing consultation – and you get 10 complimentary photos for any one of your listings.

Contact us today! Deals this good don’t last forever!


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