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Home Staging and Real Estate Photography

Home Staging and Real Estate Photography

A Successful Home Sale

As we all know, there are 5 main ingredients to a successful home sale:
– Location
– The Market
– Conditions
– Terms, and
– Price

But I would like to add 1 more:
– Visual Appearance or Staging

What is Home Staging?

The 5 Ps of Home Staging: Home Staging is the art of properly preparing, packaging, presenting, and promoting a house to sell.

Home Staging Research shows that Staged homes often sell for considerably more money and in substantially less time than non-staged homes.

What Home Staging is Not

– Home Staging is not simply placing furniture or accessories in an empty room.
– And Home Staging is not to deceive prospective buyers by covering up any flaws or defects in the home.

What Home Staging Is

– Home Staging techniques focus on improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming and attractive product that more buyers might want.

Home Staging

– In the current challenging real estate market, Home Staging and Professional Photography have become an increasingly common way to distinguish a listing from the competition.

Why Home Staging?

– You want to show a prospective home buyer what he or she wants to see.
– You want to show off not what a house is, but what it could be.

What homes would benefit from Home Staging?


Home Buyers

– Today, more than 90% of home buyers begin their home search online.
– But prospective home buyers are looking at photos of homes first.
– You have only 1 chance to make a great first impression.
– Having beautiful pictures of a Staged home is critical in order for prospective buyers to click on, not move on.
– People don’t buy houses …
– They buy homes!
– And people buy by comparison
– Staged homes show much better than those that are not Staged

Staging Vacant Homes

– Vacancy rate is at an all-time high
– Without furniture:
• There is no frame of reference
• Buyers focus on the negative details
• Buyers can not envision themselves living there

– In an unfurnished home, a buyer can not tell if it’s the Living Room, the Dining Room, or something else.
– Buyers do not have the vision or the imagination to see how they’d place their furniture in vacant rooms.

– Staging a vacant home helps soften the echoes and adds a cozy feeling to an otherwise empty space.
– Adding furnishings to a vacant home can make rooms look larger – especially if they are small.
– Adding the right furnishings and accessories can help a home with little architectural appeal feel more stylish and updated.
– Make your vacant listing stand out from the all the other empty homes on the market!

– Prospective home buyers will make a decision on your listing within the first few minutes of walking through the front door.
– With all the choices home buyers have today –
• Once you get them in the door, you want them to make sure they feel immediately at home …
• And if they can envision themselves living there, you can expect their offer

– Prospective buyers need to “feel at home” before making an offer.
– Successful staging makes them say: “If I buy this house, I can live like this!”

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the longer a house sits on the market, the further below list price it drops.

– Homes that sold in 1 to 3 months of going on the market averaged 5% less than list price …
– While homes that sold in over 6 months of going on the market averaged more than 10% less than list price.

– However, Staged homes that sold in the first 4 weeks averaged 1% more than list price.
– In addition, appraisers are more likely to appraise Staged homes at their full asking price!

Surveys show that professionally Staged homes on average sell 50% faster and for 6% to 10% more money than un-staged homes.

Staging Cost vs. Value

Staged to Sell – If these figures are not enough for you, then judge the results for yourself … Seeing is believing … … and believing is buying!

Staged to Sell Before Staging After Staging

Home Staging

– A home for sale is nothing more than a product or commodity.
– Remember, for a product to sell, it has to be properly prepared, packaged, presented and promoted.
– Your Professional Home Stager –
• Sees with a ‘Buyer’s eyes”
• Honors the homeowners and their belongings
• Declutters the space
• Reduces, rearranges, and refreshes
• Creates living spaces out of empty spaces
• Adds color and charm
• Adds a warm and updated feel
• Makes the most of what the sellers have

Selling Real Estate

– Selling real estate is all about marketing and setting yourself – and your listing – apart from the competition. – It’s also about getting the most amount of money for your clients in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why Offer Home Staging?

– Buyers want a home that is ‘move- in ready’
– Brings in other agents to view your listings
– Puts more money in your and your seller’s pockets
– You’ll become known for listing ‘move-in ready’ homes

Stage or Be Upstaged

– You won’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. Home Staging and professional photography seek to produce positive first impressions for prospective Buyers.
– A correct listing price will bring in interest from potential buyers … But, professional Staging and photography will bring in buyer traffic… and offers!
– Savvy real estate agents who consistently use ASP® Professional Home Stagers to Stage their listings are seeing far more SOLD signs than their competition who don’t.
– Professional Home Staging makes the difference. And happy clients will be singing your praises!

“If your listing is not ready for a photo shoot, then it’s not ready for visitors either.”

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