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Photography for Real Estate Agents

Photography for Real Estate Agents

Photography for Real Estate Agents How to take better pictures of your listings.

“A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera – than by what’s in front of it.”

Why Great Photos is So Important
 How a listing appears online has become the 2nd most important element on the road to a successful sale … … the correct listing price is the 1st.
 And listings that are professionally staged and photographed generate an average 139% INCREASE in clicks compared to similar listings that are not professionally staged or photographed.

Why Great Photos is So Important
 Think of a property listing in terms of a personal profile on a dating website
 … the pictures should be as flattering as possible without tipping into outright deception.

Why Great Photos is So Important
 You owe it to your client to make a strong first impression by making your listing look the best it can
 … because you won’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.

The Basics of Visual Psychology – 4 Basic Elements:
 Light and Bright
 Disorienting Interiors
 Composition
 Distractions

Basic Element: Light and Bright
 People are not attracted to dull and dark.
 People are attracted to light and bright.
 Rooms should be painted in a neutral white or light color.
 There should be sufficient sunlight or interior light to help make your photos look brighter.
 If necessary, use a flash.

Basic Element: Disorienting Interiors
 We spend most of our waking hours inside buildings.
 We have a well-developed mental model of how interior spaces should look and work.
 If interiors are too different from this mental model – in terms of color, perspective, verticals and/or horizontals – we feel “weird.”
 “Weird” distracts from the effective presentation of interiors.

Basic Element: Composition
 Most people intuitively recognize when a photo works – and when it doesn’t.
 When presenting interiors visually the way a photo is framed, what’s left in and what’s taken out contributes to it effectiveness.

Basic Element: Distractions
 You want to remove all distractions that don’t aid in presenting the features of the home before you take pictures.
 For the exterior of the property, this includes:
– People
– Dogs, cats, and other furry friends
– Cars, trucks, campers, and boats
– Kid’s toys and yard tools
– Dead plants, shrubs and trees
– Miscellaneous “stuff”

 For the interior of the property, this includes:
– Family photos
– Knick knacks and collectibles
– Any evidence of children and pets
– Clutter and miscellaneous “stuff”
– Clearing off countertops and refrigerators
– Pre-packing personal items Decora Photography

How Photos Work for Real Estate Agents
 For real estate agents, there are 3 compelling reasons for using great photography to present your listings:
1. Your home seller clients will be pleased with how you’re presenting their properties;
2. You will get more showings and potentially multiple offers; and
3. According to a 2010 Redfin study, properties with enticing photos will often sell for $900 to as much as $116,000 MORE than properties without high quality photos.

 In addition, there are 3 reasons why great photos and marketing materials will help you get more listings:
1. Neighbors of the listing property will carefully watch to see how it is being marketed – including how long it takes to sell;
2. If they like what they see, they most likely will ask that agent to list their property when the time comes to sell; and
3. If you are competing for a listing, the commitment to home staging as well as professionally done photography, virtual tours and marketing materials can help you win the listing.

How Photos Work for Home Sellers
 My experience is that home sellers never have trouble understanding the benefits of home staging, great photography, and virtual tours.
 They “get it” right away and will choose a listing agent who provides a great marketing service over the ones who don’t.
 And some will demand it as part of your overall service!
 The first thing home sellers look for when a choosing a real estate agent to list their home is a comprehensive marketing plan.
 According to the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers – 2010, 80% of home sellers worked with an agent who could provide a broad range of services.

How Photos Work for Home Buyers
 Today, more than 90% of home buyers use the Internet as an informational resource during their search for homes for sale.
 With popular real estate syndication sites and social media networks, consumers are able to proactively find properties on their own.
 As real estate agents, you should know – more than anyone else! – that most home buyers nowadays search the Internet before they come and visit a property.
 While 83% of home buyers find detailed property information useful …
 85% of home buyers find photographs very useful;
 61% of home buyers find virtual tours extremely useful!
 Researchers have also found that people who search for homes for sale online spend a total of 8 seconds viewing the first photo of the house …
 Not just any photo, but the one that shows the exterior of the home.
 You can say that home buyers are judging books by their covers.
 Without home staging, eye- catching photos and virtual tours, the battle is lost before it begins …
 With a simple click of the mouse, prospective buyers will move on instead of in.

The Purpose of Real Estate Photography
 Home staging, high quality photography, and virtual tours are the central components of marketing a property.
 And the primary function of home staging, high quality photos, and virtual tours is –
 To get prospective buyers to come look at the property!

How Photos Work for Real Estate Agents
 Today, more than 50% of home buyers searching homes for sale on will pass over the listings that do NOT have a virtual tour.
 You can be certain to say that home staging as well as quality photos and virtual tours (or lack of) will have a major impact on their decision as to whether or not they will tour YOUR listing.
 Your connection with potential home buyers depends largely on your ability to provide them with detailed property information through numerous avenues –
 That includes:
• Detailed property descriptions
• High quality photography; and
• Virtual tours

How Photos Work for Home Buyers
 Overall, when viewing a real-estate listing online, home buyers spend:
• 20% on the property description; and
• 20% on the real-estate agent remarks secton
 But, home buyers spend:
• 60% of their time on the photos

The Purpose of Real Estate Photography
 While the photo of the front of a property with great curb appeal is the primary reason buyers will choose to look at more photos of your listing …
 … home staging, great photos and virtual tours are the reasons they will choose to tour your listing instead of the other homes on the market. D
 Your job as a listing agent is to find a willing, ready, and able buyer for your selling client.
 By enhancing the property’s interior beauty with home staging and professional photography, you can turn the odds of closing the deal – sooner rather than later – and for top dollar – in your favor.
 I get it – not every property is amazing.
 However, to get the deal closed, the strong points of the listing must be exposed and highlighted!
 Home staging, finely crafted professional images and virtual tours can make all the difference in setting your listing apart from all the other homes on the market.

10 Essential Elements of Photography
– Set up the space
– Create great curb appeal
– Use the correct lighting
– Use a wide angle lens
– Choose the right perspective
– Eliminate blurring
– Vertical lines must look perfectly straight
– Horizontal lines must be level
– Don’t let bright windows or color casts distract
– Be versatile and don’t keep buyers in suspense

Online Photos Have an Impact on the Effectiveness of Marketing a Property
 Selling real estate is all about marketing and setting yourself – and your listing – apart from the competition.
 It’s also about getting the most amount of money for your clients in the shortest amount of time possible.
 Home staging and professional photos of the property are your first – and quite often the only – impression your listing has to make to the majority of buyers who are searching for homes online.
 You’re the listing agent who was hired by the home owners to market their property …
 It’s up to you to make the MLS and other online photos of your listings both eye-catching and memorable!

You can’t change the real estate market …
… but you can change how you market real estate!

“If your listing is not ready for a photo shoot, then it’s not ready for visitors either.”

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