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Walk-Through Videos

Real Estate Videography


Most people will spend no more than 50 seconds on a website that does not have any videos. However, they will spend more than 5 minutes on a website that does!

Today, both home buyers and sellers are demanding to see videos. And when most people think of real estate videos, they usually think of home walk-throughs. For prospective buyers who are searching properties for sale online, a walk-through video of a home for sale gives them a feeling of being there as well as a feel for the flow of the property.

Videos that sell you are just as important as videos that sell real estate. When people choose a professional real estate agent to help them buy or sell a home, they want to know that he or she is a true professional who is knowledgeable, technically savvy, connected, and available as well as honest, trustworthy and believable.

When compared to websites with no video, your property and agent websites will easily stand out. To help you stand out among your competition, we offer the following video services:

The fastest way to share information is with videos. Not only is it fast – it is emotional and believable. When animated graphics or moving images are combined with a human voice, our brains will retain it much longer than text. Viewers will retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to just 10% when they read it in text alone. In addition, videos are shared 1200% more often than both links and text combined.

  • Listing Videos: Professional home staging and quality photography helps showcase the property in its best light to potential buyers. A walk-through video of a staged home helps to tell a story of what it is like to live in the home. It also helps to build anticipation and excitement because it engages the prospective buyers through sight and sound. 
  • Community/Market-based Videos: When prospective buyers are interested in a particular property, not only do they want to learn more about the house, they also want to know more about the community it is located in: Is it a buyer’s market or is it a seller’s market? Are area home prices rising or falling? At what rate? What is it like to live in the community? How does the local school district compare to others in the surrounding communities? What cultural activities are available in the area? How about parks, recreation and public transportation? Are shopping and restaurants easily accessible? The list goes on. By offering this information online as well as alongside the listing property details, you’re providing prospective buyers with the information they want and need! 
  • Testimonial Videos: Testimonials from happy clients are the best way to raise your credibility without bragging. Video testimonials bring it to another level. Watching happy, satisfied home buyers and sellers speaking highly about your incredible skills as a real estate agent will always leave a far more powerful, memorable impression than simple text on a testimonials page of your website. 
  • “How-to”/Information Videos: One of the most commonly search term used on YouTube is “how to.” And home buyers and sellers are often looking for “how to” tips in the home buying and selling process. For example, home buyers may be looking for information on how to get pre-approved for a mortgage, on the home buying process, and how they can negotiate the best offer to buy a home. Buyers may also want to know how to choose a home inspector and what to look out for when they get his or her inspection report. Home sellers may be looking for information on how to create curb appeal, how to stage a home for showings, and how to get top dollar from the sale of their homes. The topics are endless. “How to” videos help establish you as the local expert they can trust. 
  • “About Me” & “About Us” Videos: Once you’ve established yourself as a go-to source for the information they want, through the video platform they love, potential clients already feel good about working with you.

Video messages are both believable and convincing, and they help people remember both you and your message. And when you use videos to sell real estate, provide “how to” information as well as information about you, your brokerage as well as the community, you are setting yourself apart from your competition.

Videos have been shown to attract both home buyers and sellers, boost listings, and increase sales. But before people can believe you and hire you to represent them in buying or selling a home, they have to remember who you are. Videos that are both smart and relevant will help you convert online customers into new clients – and new listings.


Helping You Showcase Your Home or Listing in its Best Light!

Videos give potential home buyers and their agents a more intimate look at your home or listing – and that could prompt an in-person, real-life tour. To learn more about how we can help you get the most amount of money for the sale of your home or listing and in the shortest amount of time possible, please contact me.

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