Homebuyers – What They Want and How to Attract Them!

Homebuyers – What They Want and How to Attract Them!

Which Cupcake is the Most Appealing?

Do You Have a Preference?

Appearance and Condition Matters!

What Homebuyers Want

Buyers want a space that is warm, clean, spacious – and welcoming!

Recipe for a Successful Home Sale

• Location
• Condition
• Price
• Terms
• The Market
• Preparation and Packaging
• Presentation and Promotion

Home Staging Defined

Home Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale* so that it appeals to the largest number of home buying consumers. This occurs by highlighting the space as well as the light and architectural features of the space to create an emotional reaction in the buyer’s mind.

* Working within the client’s budget and timeframe.

Home Staging Statistics

Staging maximizes your return on Investment:

• 95% of ASP® staged homes sell in 11 days or less …
• And sell for up to 17% more than the other comparable unstaged listings (Stagedhomes.com, 2015)

The first price reduction on your house is often far greater than the investment in Staging.

Tax Deductible Expense (IRS Code 523) … Be sure to consult with your professional tax advisor!

Home Staging Statistics

National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Profile of Home Staging:

• 96% of Buyer’s agents say that Staging has an affect on how Buyers view a home
• 81% of Buyers say that a Staged Home is easier to visualize as their future home
• 52% of homebuyers are willing to pay 1% to 20% MORE for a Staged home than for similar un-Staged homes!

What You Need to Know About Buyers

More than 90% of homebuyers look online for homes for sale first. They want a “turn-key” property: Turn the key, open the door, and do nothing but move in.

Buyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be! They cannot visualize what isn’t there.

Buyers are challenged by….

• ‘Visual noise’
• Saturated colors
• Dated finishes
• Deferred maintenance
• Odors/dirt

What Buyers Are Looking for Today

Just like a product on the shelf at the store, the purchaser of today buys the best available product, in the best wrapper, at the best price, that best meet his or her needs.

The Millennials

• 29% of Home Buyers (up from 5 years ago)
• 36% currently live with their parents

Why aren’t they buying?

• $50k avg. student debt
• 10% unemployment
• Only 32% married (down 10% from other generations at the same age)

What are they looking for in a home?

• Multi-family or non-traditional shared-space living
• Casual entertaining space
• Office/hobby/computer room
• Space for personalization

The Generation Xers

• 31% of Home Buyers
• Still growing as Buyers

Why aren’t they buying?

• Primary Buyers during the Housing Bubble
• Primary losers in the burst of Housing Bubble
• FEAR: The lost value in their current home

What are they looking for in a home?

• Single family residences
• Older homes
• Close proximity to their last residence (kids)

The Baby Boomers

• 30% of Home Buyers
• Most experienced Buyers

Why aren’t they buying?

• Lessen financial burden as they grow older
• Grow an estate for their children
• Financial necessity or to follow dreams

What are they looking for in a home?

• Multi-generational
• Second home
• Condo or townhome
• New construction
• Senior related amenities

What You Need to Know About Home Stagers

• We appreciate assessing your property early in the process
• We love your clutter but want it boxed up anyway
• We also understand you don’t like to pack
• We love your animals but must minimize their presence for buyers

We Stage the property with the target buyers in mind. We Stage knowing that the buyers will view properties on a computer screen first.

• We transform properties in just hours/days
• We use existing furnishings and décor when appropriate
• We rent furniture, décor, artwork and accessories as needed to our sellers
• We make your property stand out from the competition
• We increase Buyer traffic to and through the property
• We work with your real estate agent to ensure success
• We create wealth for our sellers

Top 10 Reasons to Stage Your Property

1. Only 10% of the population can visualize the potential of a home
2. You have only one opportunity to make a great first impression
3. Sell your property faster
4. Make more money on the sale of your property
5. Houses that sit on the market “deteriorate” in value
6. You cannot be objective about your property
7. Online photos will stand out amongst the competition
8. ’As is’ condition only helps sell the competition
9. The investment in Staging is virtually always far less than a reduction in your asking price
10. Creates an environment that encourages Buyer traffic and generates offers.

The Goal of Home Staging

To sell your property for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time possible!

Hiring a Home Stager? What You Need to Ask:

• Are they trained, and if so, by whom?
• Are they insured?
• Do they have references?
• What is their success rate?
• What is their process … how do they work?
• Are they a member of any trade organizations?
• Can they show you photos of their work?

But beware:

• Not all Home Stagers are formally trained
• Real estate agents market and sell properties, Home Stagers stage houses
• Pricing that is ‘too good to be true”

When You Stage Your Property

By Staging your property, you will set the scene throughout your house to create immediate buyer interest in your property.

What You’ll Hear When a prospective home buyer walks into your house, they will say …

“Wow! If I buy this house, I can live like this!” and “This is it! This is the one!”

“If your house is not ready for a photo shoot, then it’s not ready for the market either.”

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