How to Get Your Business Off “Life Support”

Reviving your business and sales can be easier then you think!

Let me introduce you to Jerome Gafford.

Jerome has found that struggling sales organizations suffer from many of the same primary “AILMENTS.”

Much like a doctor, he addresses these ailments and works with the team to:

    • “DIAGNOSE” the symptoms to discover the challenges
    • Develop a “TREATMENT PROGRAM” to correct the issues
    • Provide follow-up to ensure “PATIENTS” are recovering 

Since 2007, Jerome has focused his energy and expertise in professional selling, and working with companies looking to get their selling operations off “LIFE SUPPORT.”

He developed, initiated, and worked with the Center for Professional Selling at the University of North Alabama in 2010 to prepare undergraduate students for careers in professional selling. 

Since 2017, he has worked with the sales program at the University of Texas in Dallas to develop world-class sales talent for the 21st Century. 

Learn how Jerome trains and empowers salespeople and sales leaders to get their businesses off of “life support.”

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