Increase Repeat Business, ‘Stop Selling,’ and ‘Build Relationships’ Instead

Relationships are what support and connect us to progress — whether they evolve from business or personal situations.

First off, it’s a well-known fact; people do business with those they:

    • Know
    • Like
    • Trust

Rarely does new or repeat business have anything to do with price.

With that said, it would make perfect sense that when meeting with a new, recent, or current customer that being your genuine self would be the most important part in a growing relationship.

Look, human connection is truly what any customer is looking for, whether they know it or not, so let go of the sale and start making friendships.

Today’s newsletter features Tyler Kunz.

Tyler is a natural when it comes to letting go of the sale, and making new friends with everyone who approaches him at his place of business.

Learn how Tyler increases new and repeat business by building relationships and the human connection that made him one of the top 3 RV Dealers in his small town of Montpellier, ID.

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