Pre-Listing Consultations

Get Your House or Listing in Showroom Ready Condition for the Market

When you put your listing, house, or property on the market, visitors will be walking through. So, you’ll want to get your house or listing ready for your “guests” (prospective homebuyers) before you put it on the market.

Virtually Staged Home Office Space in a 2-story colonial style home in Natick, MA.

We offer a comprehensive pre-listing consulting service for the entire property – both inside and out. With the homeowners, we provide a “walk-n-talk” (verbal) consultation. Together, while walking through the property, we’ll make suggestions on how you can maximize your home’s selling potential, and get it ready for a photo shoot so that it can sell quickly and for top dollar.

During the walk-through, we encourage the homeowners to make a detailed list of actionable items that they can implement on their own. After you completed the work list, we’ll help you put the finishing touches in place to make sure your home is presented in its best possible light.

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